A combination of therapies to meet your personal needs

Your body is a complex system of components that are all interdependent and held together by your facia. When things go wrong you often need a combination of therapies to bring you back to “you”.

My training covers multiple disciplines which can be blended together to offer you a whole-body therapy approach. I believe it is important with physical exercise therapies that I give you the skills and knowledge to be able to achieve long term self-management of your fitness and health.

For those with a specific health conditions, there are numerous benefits to manual therapy such as massage and fascial release that can help you to take charge of your health and wellbeing. The Fascia is one continuous web of connective tissue from toe to head and myofascial is fascial tissue linked with and covers the muscles. If our fascia has experienced or suffers from physical, mental or emotional traumas, then it can dry out, shorten and become tough to move.

My work with scars has taught me that I am able to affect tissue and restrictions with a well directed light touch. All of this requires a multidiscipline therapy approach of physical movement and manual therapy techniques.

A broad base of training and qualifications

My early training in the fitness industry started in 2002 as a personal trainer and then with the Pilates Institute in 2003. I wanted to focus on rehabilitation of people with injuries and movement difficulties and not just the exercise of healthy people. Working with my clients I became aware that I needed a higher level of knowledge and therefore completed a Sports Therapy degree (BSc Hons Sports Therapy) qualifying in 2011.

Exercises for rehabilitation

I complimented my sports therapy training with exercies from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) as they are world-leading experts in physiotherapy and rehabilitation-based Pilates. The APPI Pilates techniques are specifically developed for rehabilitation and adaptable physio-based exercises that can fit a wide range of individual requirements. The exercises are based on the latest research to ensure that they are safe, achievable and suitable for those with dysfunctions or injuries.  From 2012 I have worked alongside physiotherapists to provide rehabilitation therapies to help clients bridge the gap from post physio back to normal daily living.

Fascia Release

As part of my ongoing training and learning I became interested in the fascia how it wraps itself around our organs and muscles like clingfilm and how myofascial release can stretch and smooth it so your body works at its optimum level. So I attended a series of Anatomy Trains courses by Thomas Myers and James Earls. I have completed the Anatomy Trains Structure and function course and several of the structural Essentials courses.

Scar Release – to improve and increase mobility

Studying the fascia led me to Sharon Wheeler’s Scar work therapies as scarring causes a disruption to the fascia. Ive attended courses and qualified as a Scar Works Therapist and learnt how to work with all sorts of scars, to free up adhesions and to improve physical function.

What my clients have to say…

Yanina has beengiving my wife and I Pilates lessons at home for two years. We are in our 70s with various health issues. She took the time getting to know us and then tailored specific programmes for each of us. We have no hesitation in recommending her. Yanina is sympathetic in her approach and she has helped us a lot.


Yanina has a rare talent, combined with years of experience. I believe that I owe much of my recovery from serious ill health to her patience, knowledge and suppor

Liss Forest

I highly recommend Yanina's scar treatment to anyone looking for an alternative method to scar healing. I noticed a marked improvement from my first appointment and over a 5 week period my scars continued to reduce in size and were less red and restrictive leaving them much smoother and more pliable.


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